About SnoCo Connect

About SnoCo Connect

SnoCo Connect is a group of dedicated professionals who work to make sure all participants meet their career and life goals. Wherever you are in your journey, if you’re a 14-24 year-old residing in Snohomish County, we can help you connect to education, career skills training, community and employment resources and provide other support services that ensure success.

Our Mission

Be A Partner
Assist young adults where they along their journey and support them in achieving their goals.

Foster Empowerment
We support young adults to achieve their desired goals by identifying next steps together and navigating resources to overcome barriers.

Create Opportunities
We champion young adults through a safe, non-judgemental space.

Snohomish County is Home

SnoCo Connect offers services both virtually and in-person through our mobile career center in Snohomish County. In-person services are available in each location on a rotating schedule. For more information on the current schedule, please call or email using the contact information below.

  • WorkSource Everett
  • Cocoon House
  • Housing Hope
  • ACES High School
  • Mariner High School
  • Edmonds College
  • EvCC-Bridges Transition Center &U3
  • Open Doors at Weston High School
  • St. Vincent de Paul Resource Center
  • Sno-Isle Libraries
  • Carnegie Resource Center, Everett

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! No matter where you’re starting, if you’re a 16-24 year old in Snohomish County, we can help you explore your options, then create a goal and a plan to get you there.

A four-year degree is not the only path to a good-paying job. Other options include apprenticeships, on-the-job training, and short- and long-term certification programs. Together, our team will help you learn about the many paths to success.

Many of our participants are also in this very tough position. We can help you find a job while assisting with long-term career mapping, including putting together a workable plan to fit classes and/or trainings into your life and resources to help you pay for them.

All our services are free. All you need to do is come in and we’ll get to work with you.

Our staff travel throughout Snohomish County, offering services in existing community locations on a rotating schedule.

For more information on our current schedule, please call 425-374-8351 or email info@snococonnect.org.

SnoCo Connect Team

Susan M. Gustafson, M.Ed.

Director of SnoCo Connect


(425) 374-8267

Lilia Khan

Education and Employment Navigator


(425) 374-8608

Zander Refilong

Education and Employment Navigator


(425) 374-1240

Maricha Friedman

Project Coordinator


(425) 374-0741

Jainaba Jawara

Education and Employment Navigator


(425) 372-7278

Marley Hagins

Education and Employment Navigator


(425) 374-1245